The report describes multicasting switches including spectrum slicing and space switching which will be adopted for compact circuitry on SiPh to be combined to InP amplifiers.

The report describes the design, and packaging activities of a low power consumption agile WSS.

The report provides the processes and methods developed to target the PASSION requirements for VCSELs

The report provides a description of the design, fabrication and testing of the co-integration of VCSELs with passive SiPh PCIs developed in the project

The report provides a description of the implementation, integration and demonstration plans to be performed during the project

The report provides a public summary about the design of the Silicon-On-Insulator Photonics Integrated Chips and of the 2-Tb/s transmitter Module architecture

The report provides a public summary about the development strategy of the coherent receiver module

The report provides the project advancements obtained in the first-year, evidencing overall objectives, with attention to the work performed and to main results achieved so far

The report illustrates the first year industrial-oriented and scientific-oriented dissemination activities

The report provides the definition of use cases selected according to the project vision
and the extraction of the necessary network and systems/sub-systems requirements

The report provides a description of the selection and of the first characterization of the electronic drivers for the VCSEL source modulation

The report gives an overview on the main PASSION dissemination materials, namely videos, flyer and roll-up

The report describes PASSION Data management plan

The report presents the initial dissemination plan for PASSION, addressing both scientific and industrial perspectives

Public summary on the design of the tx module architecture and interfaces: module design, assembly strategy and opto-electrical interfaces

The switching node architecture proposed in the PASSION project is explained with special emphasis on Circuitry and technology matching to the path functionality in the optical node

Report on PASSION website development

The reader will be provided with the most relevant information regarding the project objectives, expected results, vision and approaches