PASSION webminar

Photonics as the key enabling technology for a super-connected and communicating society

Fri, Nov 30, 2018 2:00 PM GMT (3:00 PM CET)


In the last decades we assisted to a continuous growth in the data traffic transmitted worldwide in the telecommunication networks, owing to the dramatic increase in the users’ number, in the content size, and to the convergence of different kinds of networks, such as mobile, datacom and transport ones. Photonics has been the key enabling technology able to support the entire telecommunication infrastructure development. Optical fibers are everywhere, from the trans-continent systems under the oceans, to the networks connecting our homes, to the links inside the datacenters.

The webinar will show how the nonstop capacity request in the transmission, routing and processing of the huge amount of communication data is faced in an effective way by photonic solutions acting on the propagation, modulation and multiplexing of the optical signals. The webinar will provide the attendees also with a perspective on the potential evolution of the optical communication networks over the next future, in particular presenting the technological approach of the H2020 European project PASSION in the development of a sustainable photonic network in terms of low power consumption, low cost and reduced footprint.


Dr. Pierpaolo Boffi,

Dept. Electronics, Information and Bioengineering

Dr. Ana González

R&D manager at EPIC

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