Technical approach

PASSION is organized in four technical WPs plus two additional WPs, WP6 devoted to the exploitation plan, dissemination, standardization, and technology transfer and WP1 devoted to the project coordination. The technical WPs focus on the central S&T Objectives (Objective 1 to Objective 5), with a straightforward relationship between Objectives and WPs.

WP-1: Project management and coordination

WP-1 provides PASSION management, aiming at carrying out an adequate administration of the project, a good partners coordination, control and care of project schedule. Moreover, risk management strategies and contingency plans are properly developed. Special attention is given to the communication tools in order to give appropriate visibility to the project through an up-to-date project web site, a detailed calendar of events and clear project presentations.

WP-2: Network and system architecture, requirements and features

The objectives of WP-2 are the definition of network, systems and subsystems use cases and requirements according to operator roadmaps; the design of the metro network and node architectures featuring different levels of aggregation to match the traffic demand, including control aspects; the design of programmable scalable and modular sliceable-bandwidth variable transmission (S-BVT) architectures targeting high capacity and increased transport distances; the techno-economic studies and analysis to evaluate the proposed technical solutions.

WP-3: Photonic technologies for Tx

The objectives of WP-3 are to create a compact transmitter module (with capacity higher than 1 Tb/s) which can be aggregated with similar such modules to create a 16 Tb/s transmitter sub-system; to develop high bandwidth and large tuning range C band VCSELs for use in the transmitter module; to develop a low-cost packaging concept based on dual side processing of SiPh wafers to allow for tight integration of optical and electronic components with a SiPh optical planar circuit.

WP-4: Switching, aggregation and Rx photonic technologies

The objectives of WP-4 are to deliver the optical switching node with flexible and aggregation functionalities to improve effective and agile usage in a statistical multiplexing fashion of data traffic by bundle of fibre pipes; to handle the add/drop traffic and aggregation/disaggregation functionalities in a modular fashion based on the use of three core devices like space switch, multicast switching and the wavelength selecting switching; the design and fabrication of high-port count photonic space switch which allows high port count with low-cost and low-power consumption; the design of compact and lossless add/drop switches for connectivity to all the add/drop channels, the design of compact and lossless aggregator switches allowing full usage of the data links, as well as to add the data from the transmitter side; the design and realization of a multichannel coherent receiver; the development of the photonic technology for the integration of the multichannel coherent receiver.

WP-5: System Integration and Field Trial

The objectives of WP-5 are the design a continuous integration process of the project outcome in an evolving test bed(s), enabling the monitoring and the verification of the Project results; the design and development of an SDN control platform; the integration and assessment of SDN-enabled S-BVTs based on the proposed photonic devices and technologies.

WP-6: Dissemination technological transfer and standardization

The objectives of WP-6 are to provide recommendations on migration and roadmap for industrialization; coordinate and perform project results dissemination; to promote the technical results of PASSION to the European and global research community; the coordination of dissemination activities; the exchange with other projects active in neighbouring fields with similar focus; to generate a SW tool for metro network design for operators willing to exploit PASSION technologies; to participate to international standardization bodies.

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