@PASSIONeuH2020 project will be at OFC2020 in San Diego, CA.

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on Monday 9 March 2020
In Network Design & Switching Architecture Session in Room 3

at 17:45
Michela Svaluto Moreolo @CttC is presenting the paper MD4.5 “Experimental Assessment of a Programmable VCSEL-based Photonic System Architecture over a Multi-hop Path with 19-Core MCF for Future Agile Tb/s Metro Networks”

In M3Z • OFC Demo Zone in Room 6A 14:00-16:15

Bitpao Pan @TUeindhoven will demonstrate M3Z.15 “Disaggregated, Sliceable and Load-aware Optical Metro Access Network for 5G Applications and Service Distribution in Edge Computing”

You can also find our partners at OFC2020 exhibition

EFFECT Photonics booth #2647

EPIC association booth #2311

VERTILAS GmbH booth #4127

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