PASSION at EuCNC 2019 Workshop on Photonic Technologies for 5G and Beyond

On June 18th @PASSIONeuH2020 project will be in Valencia contributing to the EuCNC 2019 Workshop on Photonic Technologies for 5G and Beyond

In room R1, Valencia Conference Center don’t miss the contributions:
At 11:15
Juan Pedro Fernandez-Palacios, Head of Unit “Integrated Transport Centre” Telefonica GCTO, Telefonica
Cost Efficient 5G Optical Transport Architecture
A wide spread use of new 5G services with increased requirements in terms of bandwidth and latency will require a complete network transformation. Such transformation is expected to be especially important in metro networks due to the appearance of new technologies, such as Edge Computing or VRAN, which require ultrahigh capacity transport between Data Centres and Access Nodes. PASSION project proposes a new optical transport architecture for 5G transport enabling up to 16Tbps per fibre using low cost optical transceivers based on VCSEL technology.

At 11:30
Giorgio Parladori, Research Program Director, SM-Optics
Empowering your metro-access optical network with micro nodes
The current evolution of the transport networks is very dynamic and shows many aspect of novelty. These facts challenge the telco manufacturer to propose new feature on their products in order to provide solutions for the new requirements (i.e. scaling capacity for business and mobile applications, flexibility to satisfy the dynamic network architectural changes, operational costs reduction and introducing preventive maintenance concept). Furthermore, the openness of micro node platform offers the opportunity to integrate PASSION Project technology, with the promise of outstanding performance in terms of bandwidth, flexibility and cost.


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