PASSION is an ambitious project to realize a platform based on photonic technologies supporting the development of the future metropolitan communications network, characterized by very high transmission capacity, low cost and reduced energy consumption. PASSION will provide innovative transmission, detection and routing solutions and a new network architecture to ensure a transmission rate of over 100 Tb/s per link and a switching capacity of over 1 Pb/s per node.

PASSION is a Research and Innovation Actions (RIA) project funded by the HORIZON 2020 European program within the ICT-30-2017 Photonics KET Call (scope i. Application driven core photonic technology developments) under the Photonic Private Partnership (PPP) Photonics21, with a total budget of almost 8.5 million euros.
The three-year PASSION project started in December 2017, it involves 13 outstanding research and industrial partners, coming from seven different EU countries (Finland, France, Germany, Israel, Italy, Spain, The Netherland) and from two non-European countries (Japan and Korea) which are coordinated by Politecnico di Milano – Italy.

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