PASSION at EPIC Meeting on Optical Communications: Coherent or Incoherent

On the 21-22 March @PASSIONeuH2020 project will be at EPIC Meeting on “Optical Communications: Coherent or Incoherent”, hosted in Mainz, Germany at HUBER+SUHNER Cube Optics

Christian Neumeyr will present the contribution “Integrating photonics technologies to realize a 100Tb/s programmable link architecture for scalable and agile metro networks”
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PASSION at OFC conference 2019

@PASSIONeuH2020 project will be at OFC conference 2019 in San Diego, CA.

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on Wednesday 6 March 2019 at 09:15 in Room 6F
in Session W1G • SDN/NFV
Ricardo Martínez @CttcTech is presenting the paper
Proof-of-concept Validation of SDN-controlled VCSEL-based S-BVTs in Flexigrid Optical Metro Networks
on Thursday 7 March 2019 at 10:30 in Exhibit Hall B
Kristif Prifti et al. @TUeindhoven
System Performance Evaluation of a Nanoseconds Modular Photonic Integrated WDM WSS for Optical Data Center Networks

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PASSION at SPIE Photonics West OPTO conference 2019

@PASSIONeuH2020 project will be at SPIE Photonics West 2019 in San Francisco, CA.

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on Monday 4 February 2019
at 11:30 in Room 76 (South Lower Mezzanine)
in Optical Communication Keynote Session
Nicola Calabretta @TUeindhoven is giving the keynote presentation
“Photonic-integrated WDM cross-connects for optical metro and data center networks”

at 4:00 in Room 313 (South Level Three)
in Session 3: Silicon Photonics
Timo Aalto @VTTFinland is presenting the Invited paper “Si photonics using micron-size waveguides”

on Tuesday 5 February 2019
at 9:30 in Room 58 (South Lower Mezzanine)
in Metro and Data Center Optical Networks and Short-Reach Links II
Session 2: Datacenter and HPC Network Technologies
Michela Svaluto Moreolo @CttcTech is presenting the Invited paper
“VCSEL-based sliceable bandwidth/bitrate variable transceivers”

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PASSION at 2018 IEEE Benelux Symposium

@PASSIONeuH2020 project will be at 2018 IEEE Benelux Symposium in Brussels, Belgium

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Session: Photonic integration I
X. Huang, S. Tahvili, E. Kleijn, B. Docter ” Automatic measurement platform at EFFECT Photonics: Key Enabler for PDK Development”

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PASSION webminar

Photonics as the key enabling technology for a super-connected and communicating society

Fri, Nov 30, 2018 2:00 PM GMT (3:00 PM CET)


In the last decades we assisted to a continuous growth in the data traffic transmitted worldwide in the telecommunication networks, owing to the dramatic increase in the users’ number, in the content size, and to the convergence of different kinds of networks, such as mobile, datacom and transport ones. Photonics has been the key enabling technology able to support the entire telecommunication infrastructure development. Optical fibers are everywhere, from the trans-continent systems under the oceans, to the networks connecting our homes, to the links inside the datacenters.

The webinar will show how the nonstop capacity request in the transmission, routing and processing of the huge amount of communication data is faced in an effective way by photonic solutions acting on the propagation, modulation and multiplexing of the optical signals. The webinar will provide the attendees also with a perspective on the potential evolution of the optical communication networks over the next future, in particular presenting the technological approach of the H2020 European project PASSION in the development of a sustainable photonic network in terms of low power consumption, low cost and reduced footprint.


Dr. Pierpaolo Boffi,

Dept. Electronics, Information and Bioengineering

Dr. Ana González

R&D manager at EPIC

PASSION at ECOC Conference 2018

@PASSIONeuH2020 project will be at ECOC2018 in Rome, Italy

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WS11: 5G – Photonic transport systems for 5G networks
23rd Sept 15:30- 17:00 Sunday Baebiana room
J. Fernandez-Palacios “Telefonica Optical SDN strategy and use cases” Workshop “Photonic transport systems for 5G networks”

We2.15 Poster session
26th Sept 11:00 Hall 9
C. Li, O. Raz, F. Kraemer and R. Stabile “Silicon Interposer Based QSFP-DD Transceiver Demonstrator with >10 Gbps/mm2 Bandwidth Density”

We4I Symposium for Optical Interconnect in Data Centres
26th Sept 16:30 Iustina room
P.Boffi “The PASSION project: a modular approach for 100-Tb/s capacity”

Th2.41N Poster session
27th Sept 11:00 Hall 9
N. Tessema, K.Prifti, P. Bitao, R. Stabile, N. Calabretta “A Novel Modular ROADM Node with Traffic Aggregation/Disaggregation for Ultra-high Capacity SDM Metro Networks”

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PASSION at PSC Conference 2018

@PASSIONeuH2020 project will be at PSC2018 in Limassol, Cyprus

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in Th3C • Optical Communication session at 13:45
Alberto Gatto @polimi is presenting Th3C.1 Invited paper “VCSEL-based communications for metro and access networks”
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